Dinija Berkien


Dinija, a Latvian native, works from her private art studio in Palm City, Florida. Growing up in the middle of the bustling city of Riga, she was exposed to lots of cultural events, which made her passionate about people, faces and expressions. Her studies include 3 years of mastering still life with Conchita Firgau, and portrait and figurative work with a well known artist Vladimir Volegov.

Passionately drawing since childhood and throughout her youth, using pencils and gouache. Only later, in 2003, began studying oil painting. From 2006-2016 decided to take a long break from painting and arts, only to find herself painting again in 2017, and still continuing today.

Dinija mostly uses oil paints, but also loves to experiment with other mediums. Currently she is mastering the art of portraiture and figure, but her curiosity to explore might take her into a different direction in the future. Her inspirations are the great impressionists Fechin, Boldini, Renoir, Sorolla and Zorn.